Fight COVID-19

Fight COVID-19

In the year 2021, talk of infectious diseases invariably brings to mind COVID-19, but their threat to humans has existed far longer. By definition, an infectious disease - such as flu, malaria, meningitis or tetanus - is a disease caused by a germ and the most common germs are bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.

Thanks to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) research, some of the earliest infectious diseases to plague our state have all but been eradicated.

In the 1800s, the cause of the disfiguring tropical disease Elephantiasis evaded researchers globally until a breakthrough by Brisbane Hospital father and son Doctors Joseph and Thomas Bancroft. The discovery that the disease was being transmitted by mosquitoes led to the birth of mosquito-control measures we still use today.

The RBWH tradition of infectious diseases research continues today and has seen our experts take centre place in the Australian race to beat COVID-19.

Public support for RBWH Foundation's Coronavirus Action Fund has seen our scientists take a lead role in the clinical trial of COVID-19 treatments, patient care innovations and the development of testing technologies.

A new Herston Infectious Diseases Institute, ‘HeIDI’, also launched in early 2021 which is being jointly funded with the Metro North Hospital and Health Service.

HeIDI is bringing together research, clinical care, technology and industry partnerships to deliver innovation in the rapid prevention, diagnosis, tracking and optimal treatment of infectious diseases. Infectious diseases researchers of international renown, such as Professor David Paterson, are front-and-centre at the Institute.

HeIDI will translate research into meaningful improvements in outcome for our patients and also building a legacy for generations to come in Queensland, by training emerging clinical and laboratory leaders.

With your support, RBWH Foundation can continue to support projects like HeIDI to improve patient care outcomes.

For RBWH Giving Day, your donation will be doubled, doubling your impact. All donations will go towards RBWH priorities to advance patient care and life-saving research.

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