Medical Research

Medical Research

At Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH), every groundbreaking, life-changing research project begins at a patient’s bedside.

If our medical professionals cannot source an evidence-based treatment, procedure or patient care initiative to solve a clinical problem, RBWH culture of innovation and discovery encourages them to undertake their own research to provide solutions.

"Clinical research is undertaken by our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Our researchers are also clinicians - they work directly with our patients, they understand the challenges and the need to find better ways to provide care. They know what really matters and ensure the research is relevant and has the right impact.”

Dr David Rosengren,
RBWH Executive Director

As such, RBWH is one of the largest research institutions in Australia and the world with around 500 clinician researchers conducting research every year. RBWH is also co-lead on national research into COVID-19 treatments and is undertaking a number of projects evaluating patient care innovations and the development of testing technologies.

Our research has changed practice locally, nationally and internationally.

As the leading philanthropic funding partner of RBWH, the Foundation invests 100% of all donations into cutting edge medical and clinician-led research, as well as patient care initiatives.

The generosity of our philanthropic partners assists RBWH to develop its reputation as a national leader in infectious diseases, cancer care, maternity, trauma and burns care, and COVID-19 treatment trials. 

Donations to RBWH Foundation are now actively supporting:

  • Investigation of head-worn telehealth devices to guide remote doctors through critical, potentially life-saving steps to stabilise trauma victims for their transfer to major hospitals
  • Evaluation and use of caffeine and ibuprofen to improve the outcome of premature babies
  • Use of Virtual Reality to allow patients with brain injuries to practice communication through role-play of real-life scenarios such as cafes and shops
  • Development of the Pain ROADMAP for patients with chronic pain, to identify activity risks and reduce opioid dependency.
  • Virtual reality innovation to treat anxiety in patients with cognitive impairment and Parkinson's disease.
  • Improving emergency access to stroke treatments, in partnership with the Queensland Ambulance Service.
  • Expansion of national and international clinical trials for Motor Neuron Disease with current involvement in at least 6 major clinical trials 

In the past year alone:


individual research projects occurred at RBWH


collaborative research projects occurred at RBWH


research articles were published by RBWH researchers in peer review journals

with some projects and findings changing and improving world practice

In addition to producing world-leading medical research, RBWH provides state-of-the-art medical care to more than one-tenth of all patient services for Queensland, as well as serving patients from northern New South Wales and the Pacific Rim.

We also support its regional partners via Telehealth and outreach. In the past year alone, RBWH provided more than one million episodes of high-quality healthcare to patients.

For RBWH Giving Day, your donation will be doubled, doubling your impact. All donations will go towards RBWH's critical priorities to advance patient care and life-saving research.

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